Welcome to the Debt Consolidation / Overpayment Counseling Room! 


We will free you from the suffering of debt.

At our office, we carefully listen to the stories of each person who consults.

Start by listening.

Debt issues are hard to talk to anyone.

First of all, please contact us with courage.

I’m sure the road will open.



ASAP! !! Takefuji’s overpayment request is until February 28, 2011!

On October 31, 2010, a decision was made to start corporate reorganization procedures for Takefuji. The claim filing period is until February 28, 2011, and if you do not file a claim by this period, your right will be lost. Overpaid creditors who have had transactions with Takefuji in the past should file a claim with Takefuji as soon as possible!

Features of our office

・ You will not receive a reduction fee when you return to the statutory interest rate!

→ There is a big difference in the compensation paid to specialists.

・ We also accept requests for overpayment requests only.

→ Are there any borrowings from consumer finance that have been paid off in the past?

・ Starting fee starts from 0 yen.

→ Pay in installments later!

・ There are also many female counselors.

→ Is it the director’s human virtue? ?? There are many female counselors.

・ Of course, consultation is free.

→ Please feel free to contact us.